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umm die.

grr. my fucking aunt came back to invade our house.
she choses the day of my fucking party. what a retard.
now i have to live with the constant coughing and parrot going crazy. AHHH FUCK!

any-fuckin-ways, yesterday was a blast. it was my 17th birthday.
first mike took me to the mall to buy me stuff afterschool. cuz i wuv him.
then we visited chris who i haven't seen in AGES! i fucking love his ass too.
we left, i came home and saw cat in the hat with my mom.
then she bought me japanese food. <3
came home, scott got off work and came and picked me up and we got starbucks and talked there for a while. about his future haha. i can't picture him as anything cuz he's just SCOTT. he'll be like some old man chillen on the couch and never saying anything. ahh <3
then we bugged lindsey and watched her mom hit on scott AHHAHAHA. i love you lindsey.
picked up jason from the mall. we all went to denny's after 298309 years of bitching and just sitting in the car thinking if we're gunna go in or not.
got home at 1:30 a.m.
i love not having a curfew anymore. woo.
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