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party + my house + friday = WAS THE BEST.
it was good to see friends from riverside and menifee and blah blah.
except for the part when like all 387398 people went to denny's and comes to find out that a bunch of people didn't pay, sooo me, lindsey, and scott got yelled at earlier tonight because we're regulars and they knew it was our friends.
and laurren totally being a GREAT FRIEND and ditching me and lindsey for our birthdays for 2 boys, and 1 my ex boyfriend. lame lame lame. wow i'm not really surprised...
that really hurt our feelings but whatev i'm over it.
everyone stayed till 2ish, then got kicked out.

errrg. i hate being head over heels for someone that i see everyday and not being able to do something about it. it's like fucking torture.
i'm crazy.
why does this always happen to me?
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