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where's your identity?

last night was really fun.
i love my friends :D
went to starbucks. raychil and her little gang was there.
peppermint hot chocolate mmm. <3
then me, jenilee, and scott went to see gothika. the exit was open so none of us had to pay. except me and scott sat on the floor, and there was stupid loud bitches behind us.
we went to denny's after and kenny, aj, and brian met us up there.
kenny ate onions and ketchup. ew.
...i ate a tiny fruit bowl. hahaha. and lindsey called! yay
scott had his dad's car which is all decked out or whatever and makes the farting sounds and glows and shit so we raced brian in his cevic. it was funny.
my house. watched some parts of bram stroker's dracula. then watched jenilee play DDR. hahaha she gets sooo into it. it's great.
they all left like gaylords.
i had a lot of fun even though i didn't go to locust. but i heard there was a bunch of trashy oi punk kids there so i'm glad i didn't go.

ps: i need to get the balls to kiss him. grrr.
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