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fuck this.

was in the emergency room from 8 pm - 3 am.
this is my THIRD time since march for my ovarian cyst pains.
my left asscheek hurts :( . they shot it up with morphine and some other nausea medicine.
but the morphine made me puke ALL FUCKIN' NIGHT.
i have a fever now and i've been sleeping for like 20 hours.
i had an interview at hottopic today but i called and now it's monday. that job is mineeee. (well i hope.)

yesterday was sooo fun, except the hospital visit.
went to disneyland and california adventure with lindz, jenilee, raychil, cat, and kara.
we went on this farris wheel at california adventure and cat was like clinging on to the side cuz the thing swung. funniest thing ever.
good times. :D
went to starbucks after but kara took me home because i couldn't even walk and i was being all gay and crying and shit.
fuck my stupid gyno for telling us last minute that he took us off the insurance. now i have to wait even longer for my lithoscopic surgery (sometime in january or maybe even febuary. grrr.) HMOs are gay.
i want this little bastard out of me. :(

all i've consumed today was vicodin. i haven't eaten since 7 pm last night. i hope i can eat tomorrow. yay thanksgiving!

i miss scott.
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