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[11 Apr 2004|03:17am]
oh yeah,
new fuckin lj people.


it took me 5 months to let ya know. haha.

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[08 Dec 2003|12:53am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

party + my house + friday = WAS THE BEST.
it was good to see friends from riverside and menifee and blah blah.
except for the part when like all 387398 people went to denny's and comes to find out that a bunch of people didn't pay, sooo me, lindsey, and scott got yelled at earlier tonight because we're regulars and they knew it was our friends.
and laurren totally being a GREAT FRIEND and ditching me and lindsey for our birthdays for 2 boys, and 1 my ex boyfriend. lame lame lame. wow i'm not really surprised...
that really hurt our feelings but whatev i'm over it.
everyone stayed till 2ish, then got kicked out.

errrg. i hate being head over heels for someone that i see everyday and not being able to do something about it. it's like fucking torture.
i'm crazy.
why does this always happen to me?

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umm die. [05 Dec 2003|04:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

grr. my fucking aunt came back to invade our house.
she choses the day of my fucking party. what a retard.
now i have to live with the constant coughing and parrot going crazy. AHHH FUCK!

any-fuckin-ways, yesterday was a blast. it was my 17th birthday.
first mike took me to the mall to buy me stuff afterschool. cuz i wuv him.
then we visited chris who i haven't seen in AGES! i fucking love his ass too.
we left, i came home and saw cat in the hat with my mom.
then she bought me japanese food. <3
came home, scott got off work and came and picked me up and we got starbucks and talked there for a while. about his future haha. i can't picture him as anything cuz he's just SCOTT. he'll be like some old man chillen on the couch and never saying anything. ahh <3
then we bugged lindsey and watched her mom hit on scott AHHAHAHA. i love you lindsey.
picked up jason from the mall. we all went to denny's after 298309 years of bitching and just sitting in the car thinking if we're gunna go in or not.
got home at 1:30 a.m.
i love not having a curfew anymore. woo.

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[03 Dec 2003|06:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]

balconyxsaga Date: 2003-12-03 15:36:26 [ hide ]
i knew it wasnt directed toward me your a fucking moron. blow a goat oh wait you blew me and i am a goat. shit. burn in hell.

you're a real winner huh?
your immaturity and idiocy makes me laugh.
no wonder you still live at home and do nothing with your life.
i'm embarrassed that i was with this THING.
and no wonder we had the worst communication, you boring piece of shit.

having fun being the third wheel with laurren and lance?
tristan the chauffeur! hahahah


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[02 Dec 2003|11:20pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

my desktop is hotter than your desktop.

i just made that. i'm obsessed with lightning bolts lately for some reason.
haha oh well.
my tummy hurts...

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[02 Dec 2003|05:59pm]
[ mood | :(((((((((( ]

i got all fucking dressed up and psyched to go to chain reaction.
and now im sitting on the computer.
i want to see my friend's band, and between the buried and me.
and scott.

i wanted to go so bad.
i have called everyone i could.
w h a t. t h e. f u c k.
this is gay.
someone let me punch them in the face.

ps: my birthday is in 2 days.

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where's your identity? [30 Nov 2003|02:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

last night was really fun.
i love my friends :D
went to starbucks. raychil and her little gang was there.
peppermint hot chocolate mmm. <3
then me, jenilee, and scott went to see gothika. the exit was open so none of us had to pay. except me and scott sat on the floor, and there was stupid loud bitches behind us.
we went to denny's after and kenny, aj, and brian met us up there.
kenny ate onions and ketchup. ew.
...i ate a tiny fruit bowl. hahaha. and lindsey called! yay
scott had his dad's car which is all decked out or whatever and makes the farting sounds and glows and shit so we raced brian in his cevic. it was funny.
my house. watched some parts of bram stroker's dracula. then watched jenilee play DDR. hahaha she gets sooo into it. it's great.
they all left like gaylords.
i had a lot of fun even though i didn't go to locust. but i heard there was a bunch of trashy oi punk kids there so i'm glad i didn't go.

ps: i need to get the balls to kiss him. grrr.

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[29 Nov 2003|02:21pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i couldn't go to vegas today, i spent the night at lindsey's and was too sick this morning so i went home.
i weigh 110 lbs.
i ate a bunch last night though.
what the hell... 10 pounds in a week isn't good.

my aunt is finally moving out.
i feel bad cuz she is the only one who really takes care of me.
i miss my mom, she's in arizona till monday.

i want to go to locust today. :D
someone take me.
i hope lindz is having fun. in BILAGIO. WITHOUT ME. :(

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grrr. [28 Nov 2003|06:44pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

rented the cure - live in berlin on pay per view yesterday.
it made me a lot happier since i still feel very shitty.
and scott and lindsey came over to watch it and hang out. <3
we met up with mark and jason, they were all high haha.
went to denny's, sat infront of the movie theater thinking if we should see a movie or not? we didn't.
this is the 3rd day in a row without food.
i can't fucking eat ANYTHING.
tomorrow = hopefully vegas?

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fuck this. [26 Nov 2003|09:48pm]
[ mood | sick ]

was in the emergency room from 8 pm - 3 am.
this is my THIRD time since march for my ovarian cyst pains.
my left asscheek hurts :( . they shot it up with morphine and some other nausea medicine.
but the morphine made me puke ALL FUCKIN' NIGHT.
i have a fever now and i've been sleeping for like 20 hours.
i had an interview at hottopic today but i called and now it's monday. that job is mineeee. (well i hope.)

yesterday was sooo fun, except the hospital visit.
went to disneyland and california adventure with lindz, jenilee, raychil, cat, and kara.
we went on this farris wheel at california adventure and cat was like clinging on to the side cuz the thing swung. funniest thing ever.
good times. :D
went to starbucks after but kara took me home because i couldn't even walk and i was being all gay and crying and shit.
fuck my stupid gyno for telling us last minute that he took us off the insurance. now i have to wait even longer for my lithoscopic surgery (sometime in january or maybe even febuary. grrr.) HMOs are gay.
i want this little bastard out of me. :(

all i've consumed today was vicodin. i haven't eaten since 7 pm last night. i hope i can eat tomorrow. yay thanksgiving!

i miss scott.

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